The Journey

Meredith Koloski is the founder of endOM yoga and co-creator of the mindset company Happyfeelsgood.  She is a choreographer, keynote speaker, empowerment coach, and yoga and meditation teacher.  She lives with a passion to use mindset, movement and meditation to help others recognize habits and patterns that may be holding back their “happy” and guide them through the “tuning in, tapping in and turning on” process, which involves tuning into our divinity, tapping into the spirit warrior that resides within and turning on our lights to unapologetically shine brightly out into the world.  Her motto is that we are all the choreographers of our own life, directing the dance between our soul, mind, and body.

Meredith holds an MFA with an emphasis in dance choreography and kinesiology from Arizona State University, is a certified Yoga Teacher with a specialization in Thyroid/Autoimmune Yoga and meditation, is a certified life and mindset coach, NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and a certified advisor with the company Growth U.  

Through her own health struggles and passions for holistic healing modalities centered around thyroid and endometriosis issues, she created EndOMyoga, workshops designed to help those with dis-ease (spirit, mind, and body) become less overwhelmed and more empowered advocates for their own self-love and well-being.  She is a grateful mom of a brilliant seven-year-old boy and stepmom to three extraordinary humans.

Moving Forward

Meredith’s five principles to tune in, tap in and turn on will teach you to co-create a life you love and.  In this process, you will tune into your beliefs, tap into your attitude, thoughts, self-talk, power and turn on your lights to raise your vibrations and illuminate your best self into the world.  

Science has shown that the body, mind, and spirit is surrounded by a magnetic field of energy that can shrink with negative thoughts or expand with positive ones.  By consciously focusing on positive energy, you raise the vibration of every cell in your body which sends out a frequency of attraction, like attracts like, and so begins our process of manifesting your dreams into reality.

 The key to getting everything you want most in life is creating visions that work for you.  Working together with Meredith you will be guided step-by-step through designing visions, habits and rituals that propel your life forward in the areas of your health,  relationships,  career, the realm of influence, and finances.  


“Our mindset is the choreographer directing the dance between our mind, body, and spirit.”

-Meredith Koloski

HappyFeelsGood was created from life experiences, mindset work, wellness, self-development and a shared passion to guide and support others on their own transformational journeys. Through their “can do” attitude, internal work, belief systems and happy healthy living, HappyFeelsGood provides a blue print to discover and use your skills to be of maximum service to you life, your relationships and your business.

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Book Meredith

Meredith is available for 1-on-1 coaching, holding workshops as well as speaking at events.